Blood Brain Barrier

One of the most serious risks to long term BRAIN HEALTH is completely neglected in standard medical care and is probably something that most physicians have never considered.

The brain is highly protected from various kinds of trauma since it is the most important of all the vital organs.

  • It is protected from physical trauma by the bony skull.
  • It is protected from immunological and chemical injury by a structure called the blood brain barrier.
    One of the most serious risks to long term brain health is compromise of the blood brain barrier!
    _______________________________________________________________________________________The blood brain barrier is a specialized structure located at the capillaries in the central nervous system. It’s job is to restrict almost everything, except for specific important nutrients, from entering the brain and central nervous system (CNS). If the blood brain barrier is compromised, then infectious organisms, toxins and other inappropriate substances can cross-over into the brain and wreak havoc. 

    One highly important function of health is the production of inflammatory mediators and antibodies. However, the immune system functions very differently inside the brain and CNS. Whenever inflammatory mediators cross the blood brain barrier, they activate immune cells in the brain which leads to dramatic activation which injures or destroys surrounding neural tissue. This means that any immune challenge can activate neurodegeneration. Neurodegeneration is the term which describes degeneration of the Brain as well as other neurological tissues.

    In a practical sense, this means that someone with a food sensitivity who develops a leaky blood brain barrier is at significant risk of suffering degeneration of their brain!

    There are practical ways to help determine if someone has a leaky blood brain barrier. Furthermore, there are safe, natural, drugless methods of healing the blood brain barrier and restoring this fortress of protection for the health of the brain and nervous system.